Don’t worry activism isn’t changing, it’s getting better!

When Noorin Ladhani refers to social media “as a tool for change rather than the tool that will change the world, the power and possibility of social media far exceed the tools of generations past” (Ladhani, 2011., p.57).  On its face it is a rebuttal of an essay by Malcolm Gladwell’s on the effectiveness of social media used in activism offers keen insight.  
While Gladwell promotes the notion that social media acts as a hollow tool for activism that is ineffectual in comparison to a passionate
“grassroots” movement.  I would argue on behalf of Ladhani’s stance that social media used as a means to inform, mobilize and promote (activism) is a revolutionary method that upgrades the more traditional means of activism.
Activism v2.0:
·         Using social media we can coordinate group gatherings or ‘flash mobs’
o   Strengths in quickly assembling organized numbers of people
·         Using social media we can warn other participants of actions to prevent a group event
o   Real time updates can enable a group to adjust to action against it
·         Using social media we can quickly get a message to people not directly involved but still interested in our involvement
o   Enlist support from the media and others around the world
These upgrades to traditional activism don’t take away its spirit but make group demonstrations better by getting the word out when traditional forms of communication are not available or are too slow to react.  Ladhani’s comment on the effectiveness of bloggers over media crews further proves the theory that “the best updates came from new reporters and bloggers not limited by cameras” (Ladhani, 2011., p.57).
“The nation’s most influential advocacy groups…NRA, AARP,, have embraced social media to reach, organize…their supporters”  *(  There is no turning back.  The internet can and will be used as a complement to effective activism of all types.  Large, traditional organizations have found value in social media just as its effectiveness can be seen in the streets of Egypt.  This versatile tool has become instrumental to so many so quickly.

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*Lawrence, D.  (2010).  How Political Activists are making the Most of Social Media.  Retrieved

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